All we know about the new Intel’s Coffee Lake Processors

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Intel announced their 14nm Coffee Lake processor in the month of February. The new Coffee Lake processor succeed the 3rd generation chip, Kabylake and forms 8th generation of the core series processors altogether. Intel states that the latest Coffee Lake processors would be 15% faster than that of their predecessors. Now, the recent claims from Intel state that their Coffee Lake processors would be 30% faster than the Kabylake series.

The Intel’s Coffee Lake processors are said to be launched on 21st of August or before Christmas. Though Intel teased the 14nm  Coffee Lake processors on the computex livestream, Intel is still quiet about the 10nm ‘Cannonlake’ processors. The Cannonlake processor’s might just be unveiled next year.

Talking about the price, the Coffee Lake processors would be priced similar to that of the Kaby Lake processors’ price list. With AMD Ryzen processor’s hitting the markets and customers with a positive result, Intel might just consider pricing the Coffee Lake chips strategically.

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The Coffee Lake proccessors come with quiet a few interesting specification that can be taken into consideration. Though nothing has been announced by Intel itself but leaks claim that the new Coffee Lake processors might just feature a 6 core i5 processor and hyperthreaded 6 core, 12 threads version of an i7 processor. Most of the technical specifications remain the same except for Cache and socket support. The Coffee Lake processors are rumored to run on the LGA1151 socket just as the KabyLake does.

This is the graph showing how processor’s gained powers with the introduction on new architecture or pocessors. So, the rise in performance with the CoffeeLake processors could the same.

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