Jio Phone: How did Reliance make the Best Feature Phone for India?

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Some days back, Reliance Industries announced its first Jio Phone with much fanfare and excitement. After all, this is the same company which earlier introduced the JioFi, a small device capable of providing 4G internet over Wi-Fi. Its trump card – once you purchased it, the data on it was free for a long time with no limits. This left the other service providers scratching their heads.Jio Phone Booking Start Online and Offline

And now, Reliance Industries has brought along its first ever feature phone which is simply called Jio Phone. Clearly, expectations are at an all-time high with this one as well.

Jio Phone
A feature phone which is a smartphone as well with Wi-Fi capability


Feature Phone Unlike Any Other  Jio Phone Booking Start Online &Offline

However, accepting the Jio Phone as merely a typical feature phone and be done with it would be a mistake. While it obviously looks like one (and works like one for the most part), this first phone from the Indian giant is Wi-Fi capable. So even though it can take you on the internet through your SIM data like a typical feature phone, you can also connect it to a Wi-Fi and carry on doing the same thing. And this, in the most basic of definition, makes Jio Phone a smartphone. No wonder Reliance used the tagline “India ka Smartphone”.

This isn’t the only impressive thing about it though, the Jio Phone is also 4G enabled. That is right, it will deliver 4G speeds through 4G SIM cards (in the Nano size) and the service extends to video calls as well. For email support, there is Microsoft Exchange. Furthermore, the phone has NFC as well as Bluetooth 4.1.

(Just for a basic comparison, Nokia’s resurrected (and legendary) 3310 doesn’t have Wi-Fi, no NFC, has Bluetooth 2.0 and most of all, it is only 2G capable as of now whereas a 3G version is expected in the near future).

Also, there is generous internal storage of 4 GB and it can be expandable right up to 128 GB which is much more than enough for a phone like this. Reliance has also incorporated a Voice Assistant through which a user can make calls, send messages, browse, launch the camera and open JioTV, JioCinema and JioMusic apps.

The Jio Phone could very well start a new trend here. It could be a great device for people who do not indulge in heavy web-surfing and/or engage in social media on their mobile phones, but they will still get latest internet speed. There is a very economical plan on offer under the name of ‘Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan’ which costs 153 Rs – this will provide unlimited voice calls, unlimited data and free 300 SMS.

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On a side note, the competition will have to react, in kind, or simply find new ways to innovate with their services.

Jio Phone
Features that can make many other feature-phones go red with envy


How Can You Get The Jio Phone?

Jio Phone pre-bookings have begun and it can be done by paying 500 Rs through the Jio website (, the Jio app or directly through a Reliance store. For instance, anyone who wishes to book the phone through the company website:

– Will be prompted to enter their mobile number.

– Which will then lead to a screen prompting to enter payment details (card details).

– Once done, a confirmation message will be displayed about the successful booking.

(Note that in case the bookings are over, the person will be prompted to enter his details like name, email and mobile number to ‘Register Interest’, following which he or she will be contacted by the company)

After the phone is booked, the phone can be acquired in the following 15 days through a Reliance store where the remaining payment of 1,000 Rs will have to be made. Overall, the price of the phone is 1,500 Rs and the interesting part is, this amount is fully refundable after 36 months (3 years) if the person decides to return the phone.

Are you getting one?

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