iPhone 8 Will Not Be Successful Says Deutsche Bank

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Due to so much competition in the market that everyone is coming up with the latest technology and there is nothing spectacular which is not discussed or people don’t know about it and that’s why it is not that hyped and might not get high sells.
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Also, there are many devices coming up with as many features as iPhone and with a much cheaper price range so with a new iPhone and a higher price will also decrease the interest and demand of the product. And that will finally go to hurt the sale. Deutsche Bank is making the assumption that iPhone 8 will barely reach 230 million units in the first fiscal year.
There is always pressure for an iPhone to deliver something new, amazing and fulfilling its brand name. Now even iPhone is struggling to deliver iPhone 8 on time. iPhone 8 is expected to come with an on-screen touch, bezel-less display with all new hardware designs.
When iPhone 6 was launched, it broke all the record with 231 million sold unit in a year; which is still the highest for the company till now.
Now we have to wait to see if Deutsche Bank prediction is going to be true or false. Any thoughts??

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