Huawei Caught Red-Handed Using a DSLR to Shoot Selfies In Its Nove 3 Ad

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Have you ever wondered why the selfie samples given in the product page of a smarpthone look too good to be true? Well, Huawei might have an answer for that, although, it’s more of a case of being caught red-handed more than anything else.

Huawei recently unveiled its Nova 3 and Nova 3i and the company released a commercial for these handsets in Egypt. However, things haven’t really gone well enough for the company since then.

Nova 3 ad

Apparently, the actress/model featured in the video, Sarah Elshamy, shared a “making of” picture of the ad, on Instagram, from the set. While her intention would have simply been to share a cool picture, it revealed something that Huawei wouldn’t have liked outsiders to see. The picture reveals the models enacting holding a phone (when they are not) as if they are taking a selfie while a seemingly professional photographer is taking the actual picture from a DSLR camera. The picture has reportedly been taken down.

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Suffice it to say that as a result, the whole advertisement has come out misleading the viewers into believing that the impressive pictures shown in the video were taken by the phone’s front camera itself.

Huawei is receiving lots of criticism for the same, quite obviously, but frankly, we aren’t totally surprised to see a company resorting to such techniques for their ad campaign. In fact, we won’t be surprised to learn that many more companies do it.

Having said that, it is definitely not the right thing to do as it misleads and creates a false picture of a phone’s capability in people’s mind.

Below is the actual advertisement video:

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