HTC U12+ teased by the company for the May 23 Unveil

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Teasing a product ahead of its launch has become a marketing art. And HTC is making sure that people would be up and guessing about the hardware of its upcoming smartphone, likely the U12+.

The company has released a teaser of its next high-end smartphone, HTC U12 Plus, to be unveiled on May 23. The teaser is a picture of a phone disassembled with its various hardware parts seen lying openly. In the picture, a number of components are fairly easy to guess while some are not.

HTC U12+

For instance, there’s a pair of small lenses at the top (near the middle) that make the dual camera. However, there is one more dual camera in the image but its two lenses are lying separately – one on the extreme right and the other one on the left, just above the number 3 of 23. Since this second pair of dual lenses is a bit larger than the first pair, we are assuming that the first pair is the dual camera for the front side while the second pair is the main camera at the back.

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According to some previously leaked specs, the main dual camera is likely to be a combination of 12 MP + 16 MP lenses with an aperture of f1.5 (at least for the primary lens) while the front camera is made up of two 8 MP lenses. Interestingly, there are two more round modules lying separately that we are not sure of what they could be. It might be possible that this could be a six camera setup as a whole.

Next thing which is easily recognizable is the SIM tray (likely a hybrid tray including the slot for a memory card). This can be seen on the extreme left. Rest of the stuff is anybody’s guess, including the processor that the motherboard would be carrying.

However, it is said that the chipset will be the Snapdragon 845 along with 6 or 8 GB of RAM. The display will be a 5.5-inch minimum throwing the QHD+ resolution. There will be a USB-C port, no 3.5 mm audio jack and the battery shall be a 3,420 mAh unit.

Keep watching this space for more information on this and other upcoming smartphones in 2018.

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