Exclusive : Know How Powerful Xiaomi’s Mi 6 Is?

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Xiaomi’s latest flagship – the Mi 6 is going to be launched on 19th of April and people are desperately waiting to get their hands on the handset. The device has got stunning design and looks prettier than the previous flagship – Mi 5. But what about performance?? How powerful it is??

According to the new leak emerging from China, the Xioami Mi 6 will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest high-end processor – the Snapdragon 835. To compare, the Galaxy S8 is also powered by Snapdragon 835 SoC so it is expected it will perform more or less similar to Samsung’s latest flagship. The Mi 6 is rumored to be launched in two models – the Mi 6 and Mi 6 Plus.Yesterday the famous benchmark app Antutu announced the testing result of Mi 6, the score is around 170,000 which is quite similar with Samsung Galaxy S8.

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The Mi 6 packs 4GB of RAM and will be launched in two storage variants – 64GB and 128GB ROM priced at 2,199 Yuan (approx. $318) and 2,599 Yuan (approx. $376) respectively. Whereas the Mi 6 Plus has 6GB of RAM and will be launched in three storage variants – 64GB, 128GB and 256GB ROM priced at 2,599 Yuan (approx. $376), 3,099 Yuan (approx. $448) and 3,699 Yuan (approx. $535) respectively.

Talking about other leaked specifications, the Mi 6 is built around a 5.1 inch display with full-HD display resolution. Running on Android 7.1.1 with MIUI, it features 12 megapixel rear and 7 megapixels front camera. There is no information about Mi 6 Plus’ specs.

Further, none of aforementioned information are officially confirmed by Xioami yet so take it with a grain of salt.

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