Honor 7X vs Moto G5S Plus: Battery Comparison

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Your phone might have a big, vibrant screen, a dashing aluminium chassis and a breathtaking dual camera to impress your friends. But what good is it all for if the phone cannot stay on long enough and puffs towards the second half of the day?

A good battery life is a universal requirement for any smartphone user out there irrespective of his or her usage style or the segment a phone belongs to. While expectations with respect to the performance, display and camera (to name a few) can vary depending on the price bracket of a handset, a satisfying battery life is an unquestionable necessity out of the most used mobile device in the world. This is even more obvious in the case of mid and lower range devices given that such handsets already compromise on various performance parameters. For them, a good battery life is possibly the biggest redemption.

The Honor 7X and the Moto G5S Plus are extremely affordable mid-range smartphones that pack decent specifications and impressive looking hardware. And with big screens and dual cameras as the strongest features, both handsets appear to promise good multimedia experience as well. On that note, the Honor 7X comes with a 3,340mAh battery while the Moto G5S Plus is powered by a 3,000mAh unit. Let’s also take a look at the basic specifications.

Honor 7X

Battery: 3,340mAh (no fast charging)

Display: IPS LCD, 5.93 inches, 1080 x 2160 pixels

Processor & RAM: HiSilicon Kirin 659, 4 GB RAM

Android: Nougat 7.0

Moto G5S Plus

Battery: 3,000mAh (fast charging of 15 minutes giving up to 6 hours of battery life)

Display: IPS LCD, 5.5 inches, 1080 x 1920 pixels

Processor: Snapdragon 625, 4 GB

Android: Nougat 7.1.1

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Charging Time and Average Use Consumption

The Honor 7X does not have fast charging and its charger comes with a rating of 5V (5 Volts). On the other hand, the Moto G5S Plus also comes with a charger rated at 5V but since it supports fast charging, it can provide up to 9V or 12V of voltage.

Motorola says that the fast charging provides up to 6 hours of battery life in a short 15 minutes of charging time. However, there is no number on how much the battery is charged in this specified time. Secondly, up to 6 hours means that depending on the usage, it can be less as well.

However, the overall charging time was not drastically different between the two devices. We started charging both phones from 0% (phones switched off due to complete battery drain) and the Honor 7X took 2 hours 30 minutes to arrive at 100% while the Moto G5S Plus took close to 2 hours 15 minutes to get fully charged. That is a difference of 15 minutes between the two.

7x vs G5s plus battery comparison
Honor 7X || Moto G5S Plus


Also, the 7X was at 6% and the G5S Plus was at 11% when we turned the two handsets on while charging. If you look at the screenshot below, at approximately 12.04 PM, the 7X was charged up to 59% while the G5S Plus had got 50% of juice in its battery. But as we progressed, the G5S Plus caught up and eventually reached at 100% charge at 1.20 PM compared to the Honor 7X which arrived at 100% four minutes later at 1.24 PM.

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We would like to highlight here that the Moto G5S Plus became considerably warm while charging as it reached temperatures of up to 43-degree compared to the Honor 7X which did not cross 35-degree.

7x vs G5s plus battery comparison 2
Honor 7X || Moto G5S Plus. Charge percentage at around 12:04 PM. Also note the Temperature for both phones.


Note that in the screenshot above, the Moto G5S Plus (on the right) was receiving considerably more current at 2,542mA compared to the 1,360mA sent to the Honor 7X. At the same time, the Voltage for both phones was almost the same.

Coming to the battery drain under normal usage, which means, occasionally checking out social media apps, listening and watching a few songs and videos respectively, no video recording and capturing just a handful of images while keeping the devices in the standby mode (screen off) for about 7 hours (appropriate situation for this is when we sleep at night), the Honor 7X would last one full day with around 10% power still left. With similar use, the Moto G5S Plus lasted only marginally longer. In our experience, the G5S Plus gave 30 to 45 minutes more over the 7X.

Battery Consumption Under Heavy Usage

Unsurprisingly enough, the G5S Plus is better at battery management under some heavy usage like playing games, listening to songs, watching videos and recording videos (in full resolution) in succession. It didn’t seem to drain the battery as fast as the Honor 7X does in this situation.

Let’s see how fast the two smartphones drained their batteries when we spent 30 minutes on each activity listed below.

Honor 7X

Video Recording: Battery level down to 87 from 100 (13% use)

Gameplay (car racing): Battery level down to 73 from 87 (14% use)

Video Watching (youtube): Battery level down to 65 from 73 (8% use)

Listening Songs: Battery level down to 60 from 65 (5% use)

Moto G5S Plus

Video Recording: Battery level down to 90 from 100 (10% use)

Gameplay (car racing): Battery level down to 80 from 90 (10% use)

Video Watching (youtube): Battery level down to 74 from 80 (6% use)

Listening Songs: Battery level down to 70 from 74 (4% use)

Looking at the numbers above, it appears that when subjected to similar heavy usage, the Moto G5S Plus used 30% of its battery while the Honor 7X used 40% of its battery after completely charged.


The Moto G5S Plus is seemingly better at managing its 3,000mAh battery though not by any significant margin. Nevertheless, it is better than the Honor 7X. Furthermore, the G5S Plus also boasts the convenience of fast charging which can definitely prove worthy especially when there’s no time to charge the phone to even 50%. So, the winner of this battery comparison test is the Moto G5S Plus.

If you are using either of these two phones, let us know if our results matches yours.

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