Google is Pushing Android O to the Beta Users

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Google has been quite busy of late as the imminent release of its upcoming Android O is slowly getting nearer. While a typical large scale release is still a bit away, Google is pushing the Android O on certain smartphones for the beta users.

Apparently, it is the third developer preview version. The system label is OPP3.10518.006 and supports Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel/Pixel XL/Pixel C and Nexus Player. Once the update is done, the software specifications clearly state the Android version to be Android 8.0.

Android O
Google is pushing Android O (Android 8.0) to its beta users on certain devices


The update on the target devices is expected to bring better speed and smoothness in the overall operation while also managing background applications more efficiently. This shall have a direct positive outcome on the battery life of all these devices.

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What Does It Mean For Nougat?
What is interesting about this news is the effect it is going to have on the usability and acceptance of Android Nougat (which is still growing). Few days back we reported that the Nougat is still below the 10% mark as far as its market share is concerned even after one year of its release. And now, the inevitable arrival of Android O is only likely to slow things down further for Google’s presently latest mobile operating system.

Android O
Once the update is done, the software specification clearly indicates the Android version as 8.0.0


Quite naturally, we expect the potential buyers of the upcoming Note 8 to get the Android O right out of the box while the current users Galaxy S7/S7+ and the recently released Galaxy S8 pair would like to upgrade to the next Android as and when it becomes available. We expect Google to strategize the distribution of its two latest mobile OSs across a different range of devices. We are curious to find out how many users stay with the Nougat in the coming months.

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