Google Officially Unveils Android 9.0 Pie; See Features and the List of Smartphones Getting this Latest OS

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Android P aka Android 9.0 was in the leaks since a long time but today, finally, Google has officially unveiled it. Called Android 9 Pie, the new Android operating system comes with tons of new features. Even the UI has completely been modified.

List of Smartphones Getting Android 9 Pie

  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Essential Phone
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Few other smartphones like Moto G6, Xiaomi Mi A2, OnePlus 6 and Nokia 7 Plus will also get this latest version of Android within the next few weeks however; their manufacturers haven’t given the exact time.

Top Android 9 Pie Features

  • Adaptive Battery: This feature basically makes the smartphone learn the pattern of applications’ battery usage and then preserve it from unnecessary discharge; making the smartphone last longer on a single charge.
  • Adaptive Brightness: This feature is already there in previous version of android but this time it has got an improvement.
  • Learning from App Actions: The OS now learns from users’ behaviour and then improves the overall UI experience. For example: if the user connects earphone, it will automatically open the songs playlist.
  • Slices: This feature improves the usability of applications. For example: if you are searching for taxis on Google search, the result will also contain the frequently commuted addresses such as office or home.
  • Single Button Navigation: Google seems to have taken the first step to eliminate the three-key navigation (menu, home and recent). The new operating system has a redesigned recent tray. Anyway, one thing is good that if someone doesn’t like the single button navigation, he/she can use the typical three-key navigation by enabling it from settings.
  • Digital Well-Being App: Currently available only on Pixel series of smartphones, a user can track the exact amount of time he/she has spent on a particular app. This feature also allows setting a time limit for applications. Once you reach the time threshold, the icon of that app would turn into grey color to remind that you have exhausted the time.
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