Google to Design its Own Processor, Hires Chip Architect from Apple

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Google is looking to make some radical changes for its future lineup of Pixel phones and other possible flagship devices. The software giant has taken onboard Manu Gulati, previously a chief micro-architect at Apple, to possibly spearhead the development of its in-house chipset to power its future smartphones. His profile at LinkedIn has his employer changed from Apple to Google in May. Further proof towards this is that the company has had openings in the said domain for quite some time now.

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Apple, known for its unparalleled software and hardware optimization, virtually beats almost all high end phones when it comes to performance proving that more RAM doesn’t always mean top performance. Now, hiring an ex-employee from the Cupertino giant who has had a significant role in designing and optimizing processors could be one of the best moves made by Google. Manu Gulati would bring a great deal of knowledge and experience on how to extract every ounce of performance from the chipset while making it power efficient as well for good battery life.

We aren’t sure if this change is going to have an effect on the upcoming Pixel 2 as it is, in all likeliness, to be released within 2017. The company may not have enough time to design a custom chip for its next android flagship. However, it bodes well for the future devices.

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Hiring a chip Architect from Apple could mean a great deal to Google for its future flagship devices


Designing its own processor, as Apple has shown, would allow Google to fine-tune the software and hardware in a way which hasn’t been possible until now. A pre-made chipset from another manufacturer would believably limit such possibilities.

Google’s current flagships Pixel/Pixel XL are powered by the Snapdragon 821. It would be interesting to see what it means for Snapdragon and MediaTek as they are the biggest providers for processors to various smartphone makers including Google.

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