Goodbye Indian Market! HTC is Shutting Down its Smartphone Operation in India

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It seems that HTC is stepping outside the Indian smartphone market. According to the report of Economic Times, the legendary smartphone is shutting down its smartphone operation in India including support services. The report reveals that most of the people from HTC’s senior management team have already resigned from their jobs including Product Head R Nayyer, Sales Head Vijay Balachandran and Country Head Faisal Siddiqui.

According to the report, several employees have also been asked to resign as the company is ending all the agreements it made related to manufacturing and distribution. Maybe this is the reason that HTC didn’t launch its latest flagship HTC U12+ in India.

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For unawares, the first Android-powered smartphone was launched by HTC. It is also the very first brand that launched dual camera smartphone with a telephoto lens and 18:9 aspect ratio display-equipped smartphone. The company has taken all the big steps that are popular in the industry right now.

So what went wrong? Actually, the company couldn’t compete with local brands in India as its products were priced at almost twice the prices of other brands like Xiaomi and Honor. In India, Xiaomi and Samsung are ruling the market with their budget-oriented smartphones.

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