Fresh Leaks: Nokia Edge Appears in Concept Arts

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Nokia is vying to re-establish its reputation as a manufacturer of long-lasting handsets for which it is still known for. However, the game has changed and the company, after the acquisition by HMD Global, is fighting its way back into the fiercely competitive smartphone market. Recently, the company released three Nokia mid-range devices with decent specs and now, the internet is abuzz with concept images of what is being called the Nokia Edge handset.

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Currently, there is no information about any hardware configuration or specifications; all we have is a set of images to form an opinion about the direction Nokia might take with respect to phone design.

Nokia Edge
Nokia Edge with a curved display



The first thing that becomes clear is the screen dominant display or the full screen display with edge-to-edge screen. In fact, in a couple of close-up shots, we can see that it is a proper curved display while there is very less real estate at the bottom and the top of the phone.

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There is no physical button or key to be seen at the front, however, we can see a front camera along with the speaker opening at the top. The back side has a single-lens camera at the top left corner and the flash is right below it. Also, the famous ‘Zeiss’ name is present there in full glory pointing towards the recently announced news about HMD and Zeiss coming together in a partnership.

Nokia Edge
Zeiss optics?


It is an extremely clean design and appears flagship worthy in all aspects. Lastly, the device has been shown in three colors of Black, Dark Blue and Light Blue.

We are sure to come across more interesting updates about this supposedly Edge smartphone in the coming days that shall reveal more about it. Keep watching this space for newer information.

Nokia Edge
Clean back

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