Fresh Leak: Google Pixel 2 XL Appears in 3D Render

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Google’s first Pixel devices – Pixel and Pixel XL – were fairly successful even though they had some clear shortcomings of their own – no stereo speakers, no optical image stabilization for the camera (a brilliant one) and it was the most expensive Android phone when it was launched. And in a way, it did try to be the iPhone of the Android world.

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Now, one of the upcoming second generation Pixel smartphones has appeared in a fresh image revealing its design or so it seems. The device in the picture is supposedly the Pixel 2 XL, the larger of the two devices, and it looks more refined and up-market compared to its existing siblings. While there are certain similarities, especially from the back, the overall design seems to be adopting the latest trend of screen domination.

Pixel 2
Google’s second generation flagship appears in a fresh leak

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The front has a screen dominant display with much less bodywork at the top and bottom parts of the phone while the sides give an impression of extremely thin bezels. The screen seems to curve a little at both sides, but it clearly doesn’t look like a curved display. At the top we can see the front camera as well as the speaker opening. The overall design is much cleaner.

The similarity with the current generation Pixels that we hinted of earlier comes from the backside of the phone. While the overall body will likely be made out of a single-piece aerospace-grade aluminium, there is a glass window at the top side of the phone. In the image, it does look to occupy less space pushing the fingerprint sensor out of its boundary (existing Pixel devices have the sensor inside the glass window).

Also, the single-lens main camera can be seen at the top left corner along with the flash. Lastly, the “G” symbol is nicely located near the bottom of the phone.

Given that there is hardly any confirmation from the software giant about how the phone is going to look, we will continue to take this render with a pinch of salt no matter how convincing it really looks. Also, please understand that this image is only meant to highlight the Pixel 2 XL and it is still anybody’s guess whether the smaller Pixel 2 will look the same or not.

Keep watching this space for more information on this.

News source: AndroidPolice

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