Folding Phone Is Not That Far Away; Samsung Launched Flexible Screens

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According to foreign media reports, Samsung officially demonstrated the latest flexible OLED screen at a recent meeting of SID. Previous flexible OLED can only be bent on a single side, this new generation of flexible OLED screen can achieve bilateral bending. The media believes that a new generation of flexible OLED screen can make the previous Samsung foldable mobile phone Galaxy X a reality.

The current display from the video point of view, a new generation of flexible OLED screen can easily achieve by bulging the screen upside or down, which Samsung hopes before the smartphone to achieve the same effect. Especially after powering on, the screen bending operation did not affect the screen or functionality.

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Prior to the news sources, Samsung will soon start testing dual-screen prototype smartphone, the prototype will be using the “Galaxy X” name. In other respects, the machine can be expanded at 180 degrees, two AMOLED screens are connected with a hinge.

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The article also mentioned that Samsung’s research and development work has been speeded up, its goal is to limit production in the second half of 2017 some Galaxy X mobile phone. Samsung has booked a number of mobile phone components and can produce about 2000 to 3000 dual-screen devices. Samsung tried to use the dual-screen device to test the market, collecting ideas for the future launch of the folding phone to prepare.

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