Samsung’s foldable Galaxy F gets showcased in an unofficial concept video!

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After several years of leaks and rumors, Samsung is finally here to ship its first foldable phone. We will get to see the foldable Samsung Galaxy F at some point next year. Samsung has already unveiled the flexible display which is to be used in the next revolutionary smartphone. Besides that, it also has showcased a few other details.

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Getting the idea from what we all know so far about the Samsung Galaxy F, a concept creator has made a render for foldable Samsung Galaxy F smartphone. First of all the smartphone will be called Galaxy F. We can see the mesmerizing Samsung Galaxy F in this breath-taking concept video. The video portrays the device from all angles.


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Samsung Galaxy F Concept Video:


Don’t assume it to be the final video of the smartphone; it could be similar or way too different from this render video. The video is merely an unofficial render and comes from the imaginations of the creator.

But the portrait of the device is so beautiful that we would not mind if the actual device comes out to be the same.

From the video, the Galaxy F will sport two screens. The inner display is 7.3″ when opened and has 1536×2152 pixels resolution with 420ppi. The screen will have 4.2:3 aspect ratio. The Cover Display is what you’ll see when the handset is folded. This display is of a 4.58-inch with 840×1960 pixel resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio. This screen will have 420 pixels per inch.

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