Xiaomi Mi A1 Pros & Cons : Should You Buy it or Not?

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If you ask me to name some good smartphones under INR 15,000 price segment, the Xiaomi Mi A1 would top my list. The handset is an all-in-one package for mid-range smartphone lovers but as you know, with good comes bad too. So we are going to tell you Mi A1 pros & cons in this article.

While there are thousands of articles available on the web about ‘why you should buy Xiaomi Mi A1’, we decided to bring you the negative part of this smartphone. If you’re going to buy this smartphone, read this article first. Besides the cons, we have also listed Mi A1 pros in the end of the article.


1. Picture Quality: The Mi A1 is one of the very first lower mid-range smartphones to come with 2X optical zoom and portrait mode features. Its dual-camera setup is very good but what’s not so good is the picture quality. The handset, no doubt, produces very good images but when looked closely, the overall quality leaves a lot to be desired.We already have compared the camera of Mi A1 with Moto G5 Plus and Moto G5s Plus. You can check them here and here, respectively.

2. Small Battery: You can’t play much with your phone if it has a small battery, especially when you have a camera-centric phone. The Mi A1 is a camera centric phone with just 3,080 mAh battery while most of the smartphones launched under INR 15,000 price range come with a bigger battery.
Camera consumes more battery than any other app on your phone. So if you’re a photography lover, you will probably have to charge the Mi A1 twice or thrice a day (depending on the usage).

3. No Fast Charging: In this price segment, most of the smartphones including Moto G5 Plus, Moto G5s Plus and Lenovo K8 Note come with fast charging but the Xiaomi Mi A1 doesn’t. It takes around 2 hours to completely charge the battery (and that is a lot of time when you’re in a hurry).

4. No Dedicated Micro-SD Slot: In this price segment, popular smartphones like Moto G5 Plus, Moto G5s Plus and Lenovo K8 come with dedicated micro-SD slot but the Mi A1 doesn’t. It has a hybrid micro-SD slot which means you can’t use SIM card and micro-SD card together.

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5. Heating Problem: The Mi A1 has full metal unibody and that’s the reason it heats a lot. While playing games or doing multi-tasking, the handset starts heating within 15 minutes. While testing, its temperature rose from 28.6 degrees to 38.1 degrees within 15 minutes.


Coming to the Mi A1 pros, the handset has got some rare features that we haven’t found yet in mid-range smartphones. For example, Portrait Mode and 2X optical zoom. Apart from them, the handset has dual rear camera setup, a stunning sleek, stylish & metal body and comes with stock android ROM. The Mi A1 is Xiaomi’s very first handset to run on stock android.

So here it is guys, aforementioned are the ‘five reasons why you shouldn’t buy Xiaomi Mi A1’ and ‘five reasons why you should buy Xiaomi Mi A1’. If you’re not a camera lover and looking for an overall good device, the Mi A1 can prove to be a good choice, however, I will also suggest you to have a look at the Moto G5s Plus and the Lenovo K8 Note.

Furthermore, if you are already using this phone and have discovered any other pros and cons, please tell us below in the comment section.

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