Are you facing performance issues with Apple iOS 11?

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Apple iPhone’s 10th anniversary wasn’t just about the iPhone X, it was also about the latest, and supposedly, the best version of the iOS – iOS 11. Ideally, each new major software release brings new features and it usually is safer, faster and offers better processor and battery management. While this is the case with any OS out there, this is especially true for iOS as the software is known for incomparable optimization with the given hardware.

However, the latest release from Apple, the iOS 11, hasn’t gone down very well with the users so far. iOS 11 is reportedly making various iPhones slower as well as draining the battery faster than ever. This is not good especially when iPhones are not exactly known for marathonic battery life.

There is no doubt that Apple is working on improving the user experience with the iOS 11. This is clear given the fact that the company has already released four updates to better optimize the OS (11.1.2 is the latest version currently available for supporting devices).

At the same time, there are many Apple customers who are still on iOS 10 and haven’t yet upgraded to iOS 11. If you are one of them, it might be a good idea to wait a little longer before you update the OS to the latest version.

Apple iOS 11 user interface

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Following are the issues with the iOS 11 that are being most talked about:

iPhones getting slower – The overall response to user inputs and navigation seems to have taken a hit with the iOS 11. This is most apparent with the iPhones that have 1 GB of RAM (iPhone 6, for example), but even the later handsets having faster processors like the iPhone 6S and SE are also randomly facing pacing issues.

Increased battery consumption – The battery life has taken a hit as well. There are consistent reports that the devices running iOS 11 are struggling with the battery life more than ever. The runtime has reduced noticeably.

Phones getting warm – This issue is not as apparent as the previous two, but some iOS 11 users are facing the same nonetheless. There are random reports that iPhones are getting a bit warm even with moderate usage after updating to iOS 11. We are not sure of how exactly this problem could be related to the software, it is possible though that iOS 11 might be putting more load on the processor and the battery causing them to heat up.

Please note that the above listed issues are most definitely being experienced on various iOS 11 running devices except the iPhone X itself. From the various new gestures (due to the absence of the Home button), it is clear that the iOS 11 has been designed more specifically for the X. Hence, the latest iOS is best optimized for Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone for the time being.

We do believe that it is only a matter of time that Apple will sort things out and it will probably take one good update to make iOS 11 actually the best iOS ever. Till then, we can only wait and watch.

If you are among the people who have already updated their devices to iOS 11, let us know of the issues, if any, in the comment section below that you might be facing.

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