Essential Is Here, Now You Can Pre-Book and Order The Phone!! Know All The Details Here

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So here is one good news for today, you have one more option to choose from if you are looking for some new smart phones to try.
Starting today Essential Phone is available for pre-order. This news is given by Sprint which is the exclusive carrier of this smart phone.
You can pre-order this phone at Best Buy and also this is available on its own website as well. And if you order through sprint then you can be eligible for half of the lease which means you’ll be able to pay it as $15 for 18 months.

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The build quality is really good, it is made from titanium and ceramic, that’s why it will not get any scratch or dents. There is min bezel or you can say edge-to-edge display.
It has already missed its first release date now let’s see if this will be shipped in a week as said by Essential’s official.

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