Dwayne Johnson and Siri come together in a Funny Video

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Dwayne Johnson, also known as the The Rock, has partnered with Apple and made a comedic video highlighting the features of SIRI. The ever popular actor stars in the video and is shown using SIRI throughout its entirety to get around and complete his various tasks.

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The video starts with Dwayne practicing his lines for a shoot (probably in his home) while the TV is playing. Then a news reporter is shown talking about the actor himself and suggests that he may not be able to take anymore work responsibilities since he already has too much on his plate. This literally lights up a fire in Dwayne’s belly and leads him to embark on a quest of pulling off new stuff after the other. He extensively uses SIRI to know the weather, to get a ‘lift’ and to remain aware of his busy schedule. Towards the end, he even asks Apple’s voice assistant to click a selfie.

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Take a look at the video and tell us in the comments how funny you find it.

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