Could iPhone SE Be Apple’s Last Small Screen Phone?

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Big is becoming the new normal in the smartphone world. Since the birth of smartphones in the late 2000s, there has been a gradual shift in the preference of the screen size especially in the last 3 years. Big screens, although a bit too handful at times, are becoming the preferred choice for most buyers for various reasons.

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A survey done by TechCrunch has revealed, unsurprisingly, that the screen size in mobile phones has consistently grown bigger and bigger in the last few years up to a level that it has got quite ridiculous in certain instances. A person can be considered living in the past if he actually intends to only make calls from his so called smartphone. With so many different applications available today for chat and video calling, phones with big screens do have an argument in their favor.

iPhone SE
Apple iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy S8

Apparently, not all mobile phone manufacturers are entirely sold on this idea. Not yet, at least. Apple, one of the most influential gadget makers, showed their intent to not let go off the small screen completely by launching the iPhone SE last year and it has been a decent hit since. However, a big part of SE’s success also lies in the fact that it shares its processor and rear camera with the iPhone 6S making it one of the most powerful mobile phones of its time. Also, its single-handed use makes it quite easy to handle.

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Yet, Apple couldn’t stay away from the latest trend which is actually turning into an advantage if done right. Apple launched its first “big screen” phones with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus having 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens respectively. In fact, Apple has accepted that the SE is indeed the company’s small screen phone now while the 6/6s are the phones with standard size screen and the 6 Plus/6S Plus the big-screen phones. Given the computing power of the top of the line smartphones today with so much media and games tailored made for them, having a big screen phone can actually be quite worth it.

Market research firm IDC predicts that the demand for smartphones with screens below 5 inches will continue to decline in the coming years. Global shipments are expected to be reduced by up to 30% in the next 4 years. On the other hand, the numbers are only likely to increase for phones with larger screens.

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One challenging aspect of phones with big screens is that it can make them appear impractical as the overall body of the phone is even bigger. Manufacturers now have to find new innovative ways to keep the phone size under control while the screen size increases. For example, the latest Samsung S8/S8+ are good example of the same (the S8 with the bigger 5.8-inch screen is narrower than the S7 with the 5.5-inch screen).

Looking at the trend, TechCrunch predicts that screen sizes between 5 to 6 inches is going to be the new norm while anything above to be considered big.

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