BSNL Updated Their Plans, Offering Up To 1.1 TB Of Data

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The government operated BSNL has updated its broadband plans that now offers up to 1.1 TB of data per month. The company has updated their broadband plans such as Rs. 875, Rs. 1025, Rs. 1091 and Rs. 1199, to be precise.

The Rs. 875 broadband plan now offers 800 GB of data per month at a speed of 20Mbps. The users will be downgraded to 2 Mbps with no FUP limit when they finish their monthly DATA quota. Along with this, the plan also comes with unlimited calling. The updated plans are currently valid in Chennai circles, further, the BSNL might update their plans in other circles as well.

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Next plan that gets updated is BBG Combo ULD 1025 that offers 900GB of data per month. The user will be downgraded to 2Mbps of internet speed with no FUP limit when their monthly DATA gets exhausted.

The BBG Combo ULD 1091 plan, that is available for Rs 1099 comes with a FUP limit 1000GB of data per month. The plan also comes with unlimited calling.

At last, the company is offering a FUP limit of 1.1 TB and speeds of 20Mbps on BBG Combo ULD 1199 for Rs 1199 per month. Once your monthly quota gets exhausted, the plan will be downgraded to a speed of 2 Mbps. This plans also come with unlimited calling.

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