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Lenovo is closing down ZUK smartphone.  In the recent company meeting, it reveals that Lenovo is going to concentrate only on Moto segment and there will be no more ZUK for branded phone. Its last launch was ZUK Edge and we were waiting for ZUK Z3 but according to reports that is not going to happen

ZUK first launched in 2014 and came with first mobile phone ZUK Z1 in August 2015. It was priced at Rs. 16,999. In short period of time, 5 devices were launched but Lenovo is facing trouble turning the profits.

(ZUK Edge)

In the fourth quarter of 2016, Lenovo’s global smartphone market share went down from 3.5% to 1.6%. According to market research firm Counterpoint released ‘2016 global smartphone sales report’, in the Chinese market, Lenovo 2016 sales fell 79%.

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Yang Yuanging, The CEO of Lenovo said  “Now Lenovo’s overseas mobile phone market is better than in China, more than 90% of the smartphone business is from overseas and he will focus on that.” The initial plans were Moto and Lenovo divisions to unite under the new name, but now ZUK is joining them as well. And recently Lenovo announced that new mobile models of this year of Moto brand will carry ZUK OS system ‘ZUI’.

Many resources on Chinese social media revealed the farewell to ZUK and sorrow for its 3-years life. When asked the Deputy President of Lenovo Group Jiang Zhen, he said it’s not admitted officially but it will not be working on ZUK or any other vertical then MOTO.

There is also a possibility that ZUK core products and R & D team have not been cut off by Lenovo, but only the integration. It seems ZUK core products and R&D team will not be cut off but emerged to Moto.

Although the establishment of three years ZUK mobile phone sales is not that large but it has a lot of loyal supporters. Last week they announced an update to Android 7.0 so they can fulfill the promises made before the phone released.









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