Assembled-in-India iPhone SE Appears in Market, Price Unchanged

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Ever since the initial news about Apple’s interest in manufacturing future iPhones in India broke out, we have been waiting with much interest for further updates on the same. Now, we have come to know that very limited numbers of iPhone SE that have been assembled in India are out in the market. There’s a catch, though, the price is unchanged from the usual imported units that we have been getting here which is a bit surprising. The very idea of Apple smartphones being made in India is based on reducing the price thereby increasing the sales considerably.

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iPhone SE
iPhone SE “Assembled in India” seen in market in very limited numbers. Although, price is unchanged


Few months earlier, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook visited India, Bangalore specifically, and talked in length about how serious he is in bringing the manufacturing capability of iPhones to India. This will not only reduce their phone prices in India, but in several other South Asian markets as well. It is a good marketing strategy and a good initiative towards our “Make In India” initiative.

Since then, the mobile phone industry has been looking forward to more developments on this. In May this year, Wistron, Apple’s manufacturing partner, started a trial production of the iPhone SE model probably in an effort to assess its production capability in the country including the company’s impressive quality control. And it seems that few of those units have reached the market in Bangalore. Suffice it to say they are not available anywhere else in India as of now.

It is also said that the negotiations regarding tax incentives is still in progress between the Cupertino giant and the Indian Government. They are yet to reach an agreeable conclusion on that, so the time is still a bit far away when the India-made iPhones become a regular site on various Apple dealerships in the country.

However, one thing is certain. The only fruit of this arrangement that anybody is concerned with is the reduction of the sale price. It would be a great effort largely wasted if the price difference is only negligible or doesn’t change at all.

Keep watching this space as we bring you more updates on this news.

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