Apple Preparing to Develop In-House OLED Panels for 2018!!

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Could be. It seems Apple is trying to avoid being in the current situation for next year when the time comes to introduce the 2018 iPhone.

The Cupertino giant has reportedly purchased Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) machines, from a Korean company called Sunic System, through which it is expected to produce 2.5G OLED display panels for next year’s iPhone and beyond.

Apple’s struggle in acquiring the desired number of OLED screens from Samsung is quite well-known. The issue has been severe enough to push the availability of the upcoming phone in the market by a month or two. Clearly, the American company does not want to be in a similar situation remotely ever again and is said to be trying to become self-dependent with regards to OLED panels for its future iPhones.

Apple is intent on being self-reliant with the OLED panels for next year’s iPhone
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This move from Apple can also mean that the monopoly currently enjoyed by Canon Kokki, a Japan-based company, who is the sole supplier of OLED-developing machines to the likes of Samsung. The Galaxy S8 maker purchased a number of CVD machines from Canon Kokki this year and is already contracted to do so again next year. LG is another smartphone manufacturer who is also a client of the Japanese company for these machines.

While the overall collaboration between Apple and Samsung regarding the OLED panels has been fruitful (given that the two companies have also partnered for developing Apple’s A12 chipset), the former is intent on having its own OLED-making capability. Apparently, earlier it was also speculated that Apple will rope in LG alongside Samsung for its future display panels.

Keep watching this space for more information as this story develops further.

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