Apple Might Upgrade iPhone SE for 2018

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In the midst of the upcoming iPhone 8 taking all the limelight for Apple (and that’s for all the good reasons), there is this little piece of news about the Cupertino giant’s smallest smartphone in existence today, the iPhone SE.

In the past, there have been conflicting reports about whether Apple would keep the SE in production or let it phase out. The company, sort of, injected a new life into the iPhone 5S’s body with extremely subtle visual changes (towards the edges of the frame) and by giving it the hardware of the iPhone 6S in the form of the 12MP camera as well as 2 GB of RAM. The screen was one thing that remain unchanged from the 5S.

iPhone SE
Apple’s smallest smartphone is likely to live on.


The iPhone SE, launched last year, was the result of Apple’s research that people were/are still looking for a small-screen smartphone which is easier to operate with a single hand even when the big-screen smartphones are all the rage. Suffice it to say that the phone has been fairly successful.

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And while Apple has committed itself to cater to the big-screen loving crowd since the inception of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it seems the American company is not yet ready to abandon its smallest phone. We have come to know that there will be a new and upgraded SE for 2018 with more powerful processing power.

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What Will It Pack?

The screen size will remain small, of course, but it could be increased up to 4.2 inches from the current 4 inches. Also, the storage options will be 32 GB and 128 GB (these are also the current storage options available right now). As far as the OS is concerned, it will naturally come with iOS 11. However, the biggest upgrade is going to be the processor which will be the A10 (currently powering the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus). The battery will be slightly bigger at 1,700mAh.

Made In India

Another big aspect of the supposedly next generation iPhone SE is that it will be made in India by Wistron. The Taiwanese company is already assembling the SE for the Indian market and it is said that more arrangements will be done to enable the production for the next year’s SE.

Keep watching this space for more information.

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