Apple iPhone 8 Launch Could Delay by 1 to 2 months

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Apple iPhone 8, also referred to as the company’s anniversary phone, could be facing delay in its launch by 1 to 2 months. This is as per the research study done by the RBC Capital Markets.

The Cupertino giant is eying to introduce certain “firsts” for its next generation iPhone, first of which is the OLED screen with the unconfirmed edge to edge display. However, the even bigger talking point is the incorporation of the fingerprint sensor within the screen itself. This technology, specifically, is said to be the reason why the launch could be delayed by a couple of months.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 could have OLED screen with integrated fingerprint sensor. The implementation could cause delay in launch


Apple has an almost unmatchable reputation of integrating technology with hardware quite perfectly whenever it comes out with something. Without a doubt, the company has a lot riding on its upcoming anniversary phone and it would want it be virtually perfect with any technology it introduces. It has been considered that the implementation of the said fingerprint sensor into the screen is, perhaps, taking more time than originally anticipated. Also, there are strong rumors that Apple is running short of the OLED panels it has ordered from Samsung.

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In case the delay actually occurs and the iPhone 8 arrives by December, RBC predicts that iPhone sales might decline by 2.5 million units and Apple’s quarterly revenue to go down to $225.4 billion from $227.2 billion. However, there are certain people who also seem to have some inside information and they say that things are on target and the launch is expected as originally planned.

This could also be true as Apple cannot allow its competitors to take advantage of the situation. We do, in fact, believe that people may not really mind waiting for the next iPhone a bit more since it could be most revolutionary smartphone from Apple since the first iPhone. Keep watching this space as we bring you more updates on this.

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