Apple iPhone 8 Frame Leak Confirms Zero Bezel Design, In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

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Exposure, leaks and speculations are great for marketing whether they are accidental or deliberate. Moreover, they provide stuff for people to talk about. Recently, there’s been a leak of what is said to be the frame of the upcoming Apple flagship, the iPhone 8.

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Interestingly, the leak reveals, or rather confirms, certain features about the next iPhone the biggest of which is the zero bezel design. While Apple has regularly made significant changes as to how its phones should look, removing bezels would be a long-awaited departure from its design philosophy.

iPhone 8
A latest leak of the iPhone 8 frame confirms screen dominant display with no Home key on the front


It also confirms overall less bodywork at the top and bottom of the screen clearly indicating towards a screen dominant display. One more thing the leaked image is supposedly said to convey is the screen integrated fingerprint sensor. The rationale for that is since there won’t be a Home key on the iPhone 8’s front (due to the larger screen area), it points to the biometric sensor embedded in the screen itself. However, there has been another theory earlier which says that the sensor could be integrated in the power button itself.

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The top part of the phone will likely have a 3D camera and an infrared biometric sensor. The reasons for these two to be incorporated are – to have facial recognition (for unlocking the phone) and to have the AR (Augmented Reality) support. It has been rumored that Apple will push the AR functionality through its next iPhone with the help of iOS 11 and a dedicated AR processor.

iPhone 8
A dummy unit of the next Apple flagship showing vertical dual camera setup


The Cupertino giant will celebrate iPhone’s 10th anniversary with the iPhone 8 and the company will make sure to give it some enviable and trendsetting features. The mass production is scheduled to start in August this year which might be seen as a little late considering Apple’s usual timetable and this is due to the technical challenges that are being faced in successfully incorporating the screen integrated fingerprint authentication system.

Nevertheless, it is the most anticipated smartphone of this year and everybody is looking forward to it irrespective of their opinions about Apple and its products. We will keep bringing you more updates on this as we get them.

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