Apple iPhone 8 enters Production, better video and photo capabilities onboard

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The reveal of this year’s most awaited smartphone is still supposedly a month away, but we have come to know that the said device has entered production. What is it that we are talking about? The Apple iPhone 8, unsurprisingly.

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Apple is trying hard to meet its regular timeline to bring its next flagship into the markets. But we do know initially that may be difficult. However, the more important take away from this piece of news is that the information and/or pictures of some key components should start leaking over the internet. If that happens, it will either confirm or bring about a surprise of what we already know about the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8
Apple’s upcoming flagship enters production


Better Camera Performance in Video and Photography both

It may not be the best, but the camera in iPhones is generally considered one of the best smartphone cameras around. Especially its 4k video quality is usually considered the best. Now though, the Cupertino giant is going to make it even better in this regard. Apparently, it is believed that the iPhone 8 could be the first smartphone to shoot 4k video in 60 frames per second. So far, it is either 30fps or 24fps.

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This will noticeably increase the quality of 4k videos as more details will be captured and the same will be reflected. And while the videos may end up using more space, it is quite possible that Apple may go for this upgrade since the iPhone 8 is likely to come with a minimum storage of 128 GB. Also, this is not just a wild speculation but more of an educated guess based on the screenshot below. Interestingly, as per the screenshot the same feature could be in the front camera as well but we honestly feel that this will not be the case.

iPhone 8
Could iPhone be the first to deliver 4k video at 60fps?


Secondly, for photography, Apple will introduce a feature called “Smart Camera” which will have certain presets for various shooting scenarios like sunset and sunrise, photographing babies, pets and low-light conditions. The presets will likely be related to the Temperature (shade of light) and colors.

This is after sometime that something new has been revealed as possible features in the upcoming iPhone flagship. Keep watching this space for possible future updates.

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