Apple iOS 11: New UI Enhancements And All Major Features

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In addition to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, Apple has also introduced iOS 11 this year. While the new iPhones ship with the freshest version of iOS preinstalled, it’s been made available to numerous other (eligible) iOS devices only recently.

iOS 11


While there is a host of new features and subtle changes that iOS 11 includes, we’ve listed all the major enhancements that the newest iteration of iOS packs in.

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Redesigned Control Center

iOS 11

Control Center, the quick-access menu that comes up when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen, has been completely redesigned in iOS 11. Instead of multiple horizontal sub-sections, it now occupies the entirety of the screen. Furthermore, you can now customize it depending on what buttons/options you want to keep in it for easier access.

Thanks to the redesigned Control Center, you don’t have to swipe right to access the music player anymore. Also, tapping and holding on to certain options reveals extra contextual options for them. This provides a 3D Touch like functionality, even on iOS devices that don’t support the feature.

Refreshed App Store

iOS 11


The App Store has been completely redesigned as well. It now features separate tabs for Today, Games, Updates and Apps sub-sections at the bottom of the screen. The Today category highlights the game and app of the day, while also displaying daily feature articles about various trending technologies.

Document Scanner

iOS 11

Behold, as iOS 11 finally introduces a native Document Scanner feature. And it’s good enough so you can uninstall any third-party apps that you might’ve installed for the functionality. Document Scanner can be accessed inside the Notes app by simply bringing up the keyboard and tapping on the ‘+’ sign. This will open up a list, on the top of which is the new Document Scanner feature.

It works great. Simply point the camera towards a document that you wish to scan, and it (along with the software) will measure the document and prepare a pretty good digital scan of the same.

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iOS 11

iOS 11 introduces a new file manager app called Files. It lets you view all files/documents that you have recently opened. And of course, it works seamlessly across multiple iOS devices via cloud.

Updated Siri

iOS 11

Ever since its introduction, Siri has been one of the most prominent features of iOS. With iOS 11, Apple has given Siri a more human-like voice. In other words, the virtual assistant now sounds less robotic. Also Siri’s UI and animations have subtle changes that make the experience a bit better.

SMS – More Emoji

iOS 11


If you use SMS a lot, get ready for more emojis in iOS 11. These can be accessed from the bottom in the messaging app, whenever a message thread is opened or a new SMS is created. In addition, you can now share your location through Maps app, as well as any music that you have been listening to, through the Music app. The whole experience is more personal now. Animoji – a new, animated emoji feature which mimics users’ facial expressions and movements to animate the emoji, is also available on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Camera – New Filters For Better Images

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iOS 11


You can now pre-select from a range of color filters to apply a specific tone to your photos, even before they are captured. Live Photos feature also gets additional functionalities with Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure options.

Redesigned Dialer

iOS 11


The dialer app in iOS 11 features subtle design changes and bolder text that enhance its overall visibility. It’s worth mentioning that the bold text is an OS-wide change.

Do Not Disturb When Driving

iOS 11


This is a new feature in iOS 11 which, when enabled, disables notifications from bothering the users when they are driving. Of course, it can also be accessed via the Control Center.

Screen Recorder

iOS 11


The Screen Recording feature, as its name suggests, allows users to record whatever is on their screen. Once the recording is started, the feature records all the action on the display and saves it like a regular video. This can come in really handy when creating how-to videos and other such instructional content.

Real-time Screenshot Editing

iOS 11


On iPhones or iPads, screenshots can be captured by pressing the Power and Home buttons simultaneously. With iOS 11, screenshots can be edited in real-time as well. When captured, it appears for a few seconds at the bottom left corner of the screen (before being saved on the device), and can be edited from there directly. Sweet!

Notifications’ Integration With The Lockscreen

iOS 11


In iOS 11, list of notifications and lock screen have been merged into one. When you roll down the notifications menu by sliding from the top of the screen, it displays the lockscreen.

New Wallpapers

iOS 11


As has always been the case for iOS versions, iOS 11 includes a bunch of new wallpapers, including some cool-looking retro wallpapers.

Additional Functionalities for iPads

Besides the above listed features and changes, iOS 11 introduces many new functionalities for iPads to help them better utilize their bigger screens.

The features are mostly related to multitasking and better use of the Apple Pencil. There’s now a new ‘Dock,’ which not only acts as an app switcher, but shows the recent or most-used apps across iOS devices. The dock appears at the bottom of the screen, but a separate app switcher is there too. There is a new Drag & Drop functionality which can be used with images, text and files between apps.

Lastly, iOS 11 has been updated to support Augmented Reality (AR) technology). Users can expect various applications and games with extensive AR support in the near future.

Devices that support iOS 11 include: iPhone 5S and above, iPad 2 and later, iPod Touch and iPod 6th generation.

If you have any of these devices, let us know in the comment section if you have updated to iOS 11, and how has your experience been so far.

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