Apple’s First 5G iPhone to Be Launched in 2020

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Apple’s first 5G iPhone is much likely to use an Intel modem. The modem with the model name as 8161 could hit the market in 2020 as reported by the Fast Company.

For developing the prototype and testing the iPhone with 5G support, Intel is already working on a precursor to the 8161 called the 8060.

If everything goes as planned, Intel will be the sole provider of iPhone modems, said the report.

The chipset maker company, Intel, is likely to fabricate the 8161 using its 10-nm process technology so as to increase the transistor density for more speed and efficiency.

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The performance of 8060 has created a little tension between Intel and Apple due to “heat dissipation issues” that would affect increased temperature and decreased battery life.

However, Apple’s current issues with Intel are not serious enough to make Apple turn to Qualcomm for the supply of 5G modems as reported by the Fast Company. Apple has declined to comment on the report.

Android phones makers such as Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei will have Qualcomm’s 5G modem chips. The Qualcomm claims that its modems have managed the heat dissipation issues, the report said.

The first 5G smartphone is expected next year.

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