Apple’s Future iPhone Displays May Not Be OLED Displays

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In the recent years, Apple has put a lot of work in their research and development for all their next big Apple devices. Most of the features that Apple includes in their devices are outstanding. This news about Apple’s next research will leave you in awe. We as general consumers think that Apple’s next device, the iPhone 8 will be featuring an OLED display. Nevertheless, Apple’s attention is not all on the OLED screen.

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If this leaves you in a surprise, then also know that Apple has recently purchased a number of Micro LED display panels for testing new products. According to the report, Apple will be testing these displays in small batches and the full fledged production of the devices with Micro LED display will be postponed to 2018.

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“After the acquisition of LuxVue in 2014, Apple has been actively exploring the development of Micro LED technology,” the report pointed out. The recent market dynamics also show that Apple, may be in the end of this year will begin the trial production of Micro LED Panel in northern Taiwan Taoyuan factory.

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Interestingly, Kleiner Perkins and partner John Doerr talked about Apple’s acquisition of LuxVue, when Apple said at the time, Micro LED display technology will become the next generation of technology breakthrough.

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