Apple bids goodbye to Nano and Shuffle, iPod Touch the only music player in company’s lineup

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For a company, nothing of its own is bigger than its interests. No matter how important or critical to the success a product has been, it has to bow down against any new direction a company sees fit to go in. On that note, Apple has ended the iconic Nano and Shuffle music players, and the iPod Touch is now the only dedicated music in the company’s product lineup.

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This happened yesterday as the products have been removed from Apple’s website since then and it has gone on to confirm the same with TechCrunch. While we can feel sentimental about this news, the reasons cited are quite logical.

With the large touch interface similar to an iPhone, the Touch continues to live on

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The Cupertino giant has been pushing its music streaming service with the “Apple Music” app. And it makes sense that the iPods that do not support it don’t really offer anything truly worthy anymore. Over the years, the iPhone has gone on to become an exceptional portable music player besides one of the best smartphones that it already is, and the iPod Touch remains the only dedicated music player in essence which has the arguable reasons to continue surviving (Apple Music can be used in it).

And Apple has made plausible efforts to compensate for this move. The company has doubled the storage of the Touch (from 16 GB to 32 GB and from 64 GB to 128 GB) without an increase in the original price of the two storage variants. So, now the 32 GB iPod Touch will be available at the original price of the USD 199 while the 128 GB version is available at USD 299.

News source: TechCrunch

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