5 Reasons to Buy OnePlus 5T Over OnePlus 5

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OnePlus has launched the superior variant of OnePlus 5 – the OnePlus 5T. With many improvements, the handset is scheduled to go on sale starting tomorrow. It will be exclusively available at Amazon. OnePlus has launched two models of this smartphone. One with 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM priced at INR 32,999, while another has 8GB of RAM coupled with 128GB of ROM priced at INR 37,999.

In case you are thinking which one of these two flagships you should go for, this article is for you. Here are five reasons to buy the OnePlus 5T over OnePlus 5:

#1. PRICE: The OnePlus 5T comes with the same price tag as OnePlus 5. So when you’re getting a better option, why would you spend money on OnePlus 5. The newcomer comes with several improvements compared to its predecessor.

OnePlus 5T price - gadget2buy

#2. DESIGN: The newcomer comes with same Anodized Aluminum frame but with a different display size. With almost same dimensions as its predecessor, you get bigger display and less bezels. Even the fingerprint sensor is moved to back, making it more comfortable.

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#3. DISPLAY: This is probably the biggest reason to buy this handset. The newcomer has an 18:9 aspect ratio offered by its 6.1 inches full HD+ Optic Amoled display. With minimal bezels, it offers great user experience whether it’s textual or visual content.

Oneplus 5T vs oneplus 5 design | gadget2buy

#4. IMPROVED CAMERA: While the newcomer has same camera lenses (16+20MP) as OnePlus 5, OnePlus has optimized the camera setup for portrait and low-light photography.

oneplus 5T camera - gadget2buy

#5. FACIAL RECOGNITION: The OnePlus 5T also comes with facial recognition though the company didn’t talk about this feature as enthusiastically as Apple did while launching iPhone X. So if you are too lazy to scan your finger, you might like this feature.

So what do you think now, which one you should go for? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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