5 Best 32GB pendrives in India you can buy right now!

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Which is the best pen drive to buy right now? The pen drive which I saw yesterday, is it worth it? Will it be safe to store my important office files in that USB? Are you confused? Don’t worry Gadget2buy is here to solve all your worries. We present you the 5 Best 32GB pendrives in India you can buy straight away.

SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB (Rs 449)

5 Best 32GB pendrives in India

This is the bestselling and cheapest Pen drive from trusted memory card and flash drive maker brand SanDisk. The USB drive is made up of plastic and hence priced cheaply. The flash disk supports USB 2.0 and offers 12-16 Mbps of reading and write speed. This USB device is compact and light. The only con with them that they can easily break due to their plastic build. The company offers 5 years replacement warranty with the pen drive.

SanDisk Ultra Dual 16GB (Rs 599)

5 Best 32GB pendrives in India

This another great USB from the SanDisk itself. The pen drive supports USB 3.0 and also has OTG functionality. You can connect this to your Android with standard micro-USB port on the phone but the phone should have OTG support. If you are looking for a Pen drive that can also add storage for your Android device then this is a perfect choice. The read and write speeds are also great with this pen drive. This also has the same years warranty from SanDisk.

Sony Microvault 16GB (Rs 599)

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5 Best 32GB pendrives in India

This is one good pen drive form the brand Sony. The USB drive has support for USB 2.0. The read and write speeds are decent and pen drives are durable as well. The USB drive has a rating of 3.5 stars on Amazon.

HP v237w 32GB (Rs 599)

5 Best 32GB pendrives in India

This USB drive has a metallic build. The speeds are decent on this pen drive. The USB has a Lidless, compact design with integrated clip design so that you can easily clip the pen drive on your shirt or jeans pocket. The official page for the pen drive also says that it is Temperature Proof, Shock-Proof, and vibration-proof.

Strontium Ammo 32GB (Rs 738)

5 Best 32GB pendrives in India

Strontium is another trusted brand after SanDisk which manufacture memory and flash drives. The pen drive has Ultra-Thin and Sleek Form Factor and has metallic build. This drive looks durable and comes with years of warranty from the company. The drive is USB supports USB 2.0 and is also compatible with USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 ports on computers. This USB drive comes with a handy additional metal keychain to keep it attached with your belt loop or bag.

Note: This listing was done during Amazon sale days, current prices may vary.

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