Vivo Announced Its Own Screen Integrated Fingerprint Sensor Technology

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Vivo has just announced its new fingerprint authentication technology. The company has shared a detailed video explaining about how it would be implemented in its future phones. While we are expecting Apple to be the first to pull this off, Vivo might as well surprise us. It all depends on who has the technology ready and who features it first in their phones. 

Now you don’t need to be afraid of waterproof and dustproof mobiles. There is no fear of wet hands as well.

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Have A Look:

The Mechanism:

This technology will run on Supersonic Wave Technology. It is based on Piezoelectricity Effect which will produce and receive the supersonic wave signal. The supersonic wave signal can go through the OLED display. Also, different reflections produced at different peaks and valleys in the fingerprint. Once the signals are collected, the image of the fingerprint would be drawn and then sent to the sensor. This could mean that there are a number of design possibilities for the phone. Also, Vivo says that the sensor will work with wet fingers as well.

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